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ANZSI Index Series

ISSN 1449-8820

The Australian and New Zealand Society of Indexers. Index Series publishes indexes compiled by mentees under the Australian and New Zealand Society of Indexers (ANZSI) mentoring scheme, which is designed to provide a more advanced level of training, building on the basic workshops offered by the Society. Mentees, under the supervision of ANZSI mentors, create indexes to previously published works which have been published without indexes.

Titles chosen for the mentoring program are significant or useful works from the 19th and 20th centuries which warrant being indexed, and which will provide invaluable access to previously difficult to use material. Indexes to both monographs and serials are included.

No. 1 ANZSI Index Series
Eagle, Chester. Hail and farewell! An evocation of Gippsland. Melbourne: Heinemann, 1971.
Index compiled by Fiona Mottram  Opens PDF file [PDF 43KB] (ISBN 0-9578059-1-9)

No. 2 ANZSI Index Series
Field, Jean. Grey ribbon to the border. Melbourne: Hawthorn Press, 1973.
Index compiled by William Carter Opens PDF file  [PDF 54KB] (ISBN 0-9578059-2-6)

No. 3 ANZSI Index Series
Curr, Edward M. Recollections of squatting in Victoria: then called the Port Phillip District (from 1841 to 1851). 2nd ed. Echuca: Rich River Printers, 2001.
Index compiled by Jane Oliver  Opens PDF file[PDF 64KB] (ISBN 0-9578059-3-4)

No. 4 ANZSI Index Series
Westgarth, William. Personal recollections of early Melbourne and Victoria. Facsimile ed. Geelong: Rippleside Press, 1970.
Index compiled by Jane Purton Opens PDF file [PDF 109KB] (ISBN 0-9578059-4-2)

No. 5 ANZSI Index Series
Thompson, Kym. A history of the Aboriginal people of East Gippsland: a report prepared for the Land Conservation Council, Victoria. Melbourne: Land Conservation Council, 1985.
Index compiled by Jane Purton  Opens PDF file [PDF 124KB] (ISBN 0-9578059-5-0)

No. 6 ANZSI Index Series
Bligh. William. A voyage to the South Sea: undertaken by command of His Majesty, for the purpose of conveying the bread-fruit tree to the West Indies, in His Majesty’s ship commanded by Lieutenant William Bligh.  Facsimile ed. Melbourne: Hutchinson Group (Australia), 1979.
Index compiled by Russell West  Opens PDF file [PDF 41KB] (ISBN 0-9578059-7-7)

No. 7 ANZSI Index Series
Hollinshed, Charles, Bird, ECF and Goss, Noel. Lime land leisure : peninsular history in the Shire of Flinders. Rosebud: Shire of Flinders, 1982.
Index compiled by Don Jordan   Opens PDF file [PDF 350KB] (ISBN 0-9578059-8-5) 

No. 8 ANZSI Index Series
Macdougall, RJ. History of St. John’s Camberwell.  Melbourne: Hall’s Book Store, 1963.
Index compiled by Beverley Mills  Opens PDF file [PDF 178KB] (ISBN 0-9578059-9-3)

No. 9 ANZSI Index Series
Haseloff, Win (ed.).  Australians yesterday and today: a book of memories.  Kent Town, S. Aust.: Wakefield Press, 1999.
Index compiled by Judy Richter  Opens PDF file [PDF 97KB] (ISBN 0-9775269-0-9)

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